What I will continue to do for American Canyon!

  • Fix Traffic!  I consistently advocate for the Newell Extension and use my financial expertise to find ways to make it happen.  We also need to widen Highway 29, synchronize our traffic signals, and improve the jobs/housing balance.

  • Grow our Economy. Once a clear solution to traffic has been achieved, we can focus on bringing in new restaurants, shops and other retail opportunities.  More jobs in our industrial park.  This increases our tax revenues without raising taxes.

  • Improve our Quality of Life. With increased tax revenues, we can spend more on streets, parks, police and fire, recreation and open space. This makes us a safer and healthier community, our homes are more valuable, and American Canyon becomes a more desirable place to live, work and play. 

  • For All of Us. Social equity is just as critical as economic prosperity.  It's easy to make our community more expensive to live in, but that makes us less affordable, less accessible, and ultimately, less tolerant.  We need to worry about the less fortunate of us, as well as our Seniors and those on fixed incomes.


215 Gisela Drive

American Canyon, CA 94503



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