• Mark Joseph

Announcing a new $57 Community Grant Program

Recently, the City Council, acting as the Fire District Board, approved a $57/meeting increase in its pay. This was the first increase in almost 10 years--hardly a budget buster! The new amount should take effect in September, 2018.

I use most of the money I get for serving on the Council for community groups, in the form of donations or sponsorships. Consistent with that philosophy, I am announcing a new grant program: the Mark Joseph $57 Community Grant Program! Every time I receive my $57 raise, I will give it away to a local community group based in American Canyon. The organization can use it for any lawful purpose, including operations. Limit one grant per organization. Contact me at electmarkjoseph@gmail.com to apply.

It's not much, but it's my way of saying, I don't want to profit from making Council compensation more reasonable. This program will only last while I'm in office, of course, which is why I'm working hard to get re-elected this November. If you would like to help, just click on the link.