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  • Mark Joseph

Traffic--My Number One Priority

I have been walking door to door this campaign and the theme is clear: traffic is the biggest issue of concern. I agree. It has been my number one priority for years, even while I was the City Manager.

I know the public wants actions not promises, so I prepared a question-and-answer format on the subject, that gives you my insights. Here it is.

The main point is that there is a strategy to deal with traffic; it involves building two parallel roads to Highway 29, and that gives us both capacity and flexibility, in case of an accident. Devlin on the west side is near completion--construction of the final segments should start next year. Newell will take longer, and is linked to approval of two projects on the east side: Watson Ranch and the annexation of the "Paoli Loop" property.

We are also working with Caltrans to make improvements on the highway itself--initially better synchronizing the traffic signals, and longer range, working to improve the intersections (adding extra turn lanes so more people can get onto the highway per signal cycle from our side streets; widening portions of the road, etc.)

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