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  • Mark Joseph

My First Neighborhood Meeting!

During the campaign, I talked about the need to hold regular "mini-town hall" meetings so people can stay informed and have a chance to ask their elected officials questions.

I'm proud to announce my first Neighborhood Meeting will be Monday, January 28, starting at 7pm. It will be held at the new Boys & Girls Club in American Canyon, 60 Benton Way in American Canyon. Refreshments will be served.

The format will be simple: I'll provide a brief update on City affairs, then open it up to questions from the audience. I also want to encourage community groups, churches and school organizations to bring event flyers, membership applications and newsletters as well--I would love to create a forum in which residents can learn about what our community groups are doing, and hopefully join one or two of them!!

Each month I plan to rotate the location so all neighborhoods will get a chance to walk to a meeting. During the good weather months, that will be our neighborhood parks. If you have suggestions on where to meet, let me know--email me at

Hope to see you all there this Monday, January 28, starts at 7pm.

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