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  • Mark Joseph

A Plan for our Mobilehome Park Residents

We don't talk a lot about our Mobilehome Park (MHP) residents, but our parks offer affordable living and we need to make sure they stay both affordable and safe. The best way to accomplish this is by staying in touch. I recently sent a letter to voters in our MHP, outlining what I would do if elected Mayor.

In brief, I made three proposals:

  • Host Town Hall meetings and rotate them from park to park.

  • Establish a MHP Council with representatives from each of the parks, to discuss issues of common concern and recommend actions to be taken; and

  • Better coordination of enforcement efforts between the City and the Park Owners/Management, or the State. Make sure our residents receive all the protection they are entitled to.

Our Mobile Home Parks are critical to the City’s efforts to provide safe and affordable housing. I want to make sure the residents of our parks are treated fairly, and their concerns are heard.



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